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Fuckin' amusin' shit, here.

Beren: *fume fume fume* *affixes pictures of Celegorm and Eomer to dartboard*
Huan: *licks Beren's hand*
Beren: *pats Huan* Good doggy.
Huan: *wags tail*
Huan: *rips an Eomer picture to shreds*
Beren: :D :D *gives treats*
Huan: :D *eats treats*
Beren: Just, um, don't let Luthien catch you doing that? �.�
Nicole: HUAN!
Huan: O.O
Emily: Ahahahahaha was that the one I posted? XD
Huan: Come on now, Beren, are you 'fraid of him? Or of her?
Nicole: !!!!! Yes. ;_;
Beren: Niether. I'm not afraid of anything!! Except Thingol, my mom, and spiders.
Huan: Then why do you care if she sees me gnawing on said Eomer picture?
Beren: and only certain spiders. Like, the ones Celebrian keeps as pets.
Nicole: Ehehehehehe
Beren: Um.
Beren: .......because.
Huan: �.�
Beren: it's just because she'll get mad at you, is all.
Huan: Right. Uh-huh.
Beren: You're calling me a chicken, aren't you?
Huan: That wasn't the word I would have used.
Celegorm: I woulda used PUSSY, m'self.
Beren: -_-
Huan: I was going for weenie, actually.
Beren: -_-
Huan: Ouchie. Add "yellow" to that and it'd be perfect.
Dior: Yellow bellied sapsucker?
Beren: ;_;
Alcawyn: Pansy?
Beren: Damnit.
Beren: What do you people want me to do??
Huan: *shrug*
Huan: STAND UP FOR YOUR WOMAN or something like that.
Celegorm: Yeah man. If ya want her back, SHOW her.
Huan: Yeah! Show her how much more of a man you are than horsie boy!
Beren: But what if, like, she doesn't want me?
Alcawyn: Grow a beard?
Huan: O.o
Beren: O.O
Huan: Hmmm, I'd never thought of that.
Huan: Plan B! If she doesn't want you, there's always that other Luthy.
Beren: She's not the same.
Beren: :\
Huan: Okay, why is she not the same?
Huan: Why do you love Luthy so much that makes her more special than the other one?
Beren: She just isn't. They're nothing at all alike.
Huan: �.� You're missing the point Romeo.
Beren: So I'm stupid. Humour me?
Celegorm: *punches Beren in the shoulder* Ya gotta WOO her, man. *nods*
Huan: Yeah! Spend quality time with her!
Huan: Show her you care!
Beren: ...yeah.
Huan: Yeah!
Beren: But who will look after Niphredil?
Huan: Show her you're better than that other guy!
Huan: ...
Huan: Your mom? Her dad?
Emeldir YOU ARE MAKING STUPID EXCUSES. I will look after the baby. Don't make me hurt you.
Beren: -_-
Huan: Thank you Em. I can call you Em, right?
Emeldir: Of course. :D
Celegorm: It's up to you man. If ya love the chick, let her know.
Huan: :D
Huan: Yeah!
Beren: Isn't it "if you love her let her go?"
Celegorm: That's beside the fuckin' point, man.
Huan: If you let her go, she'll think you don't care.
Amarie: Yeah. Don't be chickenshit. GO, or I'll pinch your butt again.
Beren: >_<
Huan: Like, romance her or something!
Celegorm: It's all about the wooin', man.
Celebr�an: *chants* BEREN BEREN BEREN!
Beren: You people are giving me a headache. -_-
Nicole: Yeah, Eomer didn't even try and look where he got!
Nicole: *halo*
Emeldir: DAMNIT. Go.
Beren: -_-
Beren: *stall stall, hestitate hesitate*
Beren: ..........
Beren: *runs*
Huan: That's the spirit!!!
Emily: *patpat* Good boy. :-) :-) :-)

Celegorm's good deed of the day, man.

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