Elrond the Cloned (lordof_imladris) wrote in middle_earth,
Elrond the Cloned


I realize that this has never been said before, so I'll be the one to say it. Elrond I and I often sit next to our muns as they talk, and once in a while something humorous comes up about Lindir. And I keep pulling on my mun's pant leg to mention this to the world wide sockpuppet community, but she never listens until now when I bit her fucking ankle and ran away before she could kick me.


We, Los Dos Rondos de Imladris, do not want anyone, and I mean anyone to make a journal for our manbitch Lindir. First off, it would be redundant-- having two grovelling beings running around physically doing everything we ask would get annoying after a while, plus knowing the clichés that every puppet must go through, Lindir would fall in "LuV", get pregnant, get married, ANGST, go save someone in Rohan, etc. etc. etc.

Should a journal for Lindir be made and presented, it will not be endorsed or acknowledged by this Elrond and I'm pretty sure that Rondy #1 won't either. We have it on good authority that Lindir is perfectly fine being raped, mistreated, beaten, sold into the Ethiopian slave trade, and married off to random people, and he does not need one of you loons to make a voice for him. Besides, there has to be someone Tolkien made up that someone else hasn't already taken and mutilated to fucking death with their own hands-- let Lindir continue being fucked up indirectly.

Good night. And get the fuck off my lawn!
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