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middle_earth's Journal

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Middle-Earth Sock Puppet Theatre
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Passion. Melodrama. Substance abuse.

Sex. Schizophrenia. Off-character ranting.

Music. Cough syrup. Puppies.

Drag queens. Dead men. Sociopaths.

M.E. Sock Puppet Theatre. Where canon fears to tread.

(I dunno. We needed an actual LJ community. Someone had to do it.)

About Joining the Players

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mesptmuns: Middle Earth Sock Puppet Theatre Muns-- Just what it sounds like. A community for muns, ops, writers, players, whatever you want to call them, it's a place for the people who write this vain drivel.
Moderated by Yuale.

lotr_whorehouse: The Middle Earth Whore House-- Also just what it sounds like. And if you're at all familiar with the workings of the Theatre, you're well aware of ME's dire need for such a community.
Moderated by Legoslut.


The game was founded by Hellbelle (original legolas mun) and this community was founded by Andrea. MESPT was a open entry comm which allowed anyone to join if they just made a journal. Our earliest influential players who made it what it was were Zlot as Eowyn and Sauron, Fatima as Elrohir, Andrea as Glorfindel, Audrey as Elladan, Drew as Beren, Cara as Sam Gamgee, Emily as Celebrian and Nicole as Luthien, as well as countless other players who never really gave their names. Other players joined later after the game was underway, such as Tangletoy as Beorn, Tom as Merry Gamgee, John as Theoden, Charlotte as Daisy Gamgee, Ahli as Isildur, Kielle as Eomer, Ann Larimer as Ann Larimer and at some point during all this as well as before, Ariel as Ringwraith Nine and Ramlatch as Haldir.

Each of these people played many many characters and there are even more players not mentioned who appeared then and dozens more who appeared well after this near the end of the game. As well as the players who continued from beginning to end, changing and evolving with each new step the game took.

MESPT was a hilarious, tragic, epic but now long-gone game and many of the journals are now locked or deleted.

But man, you should have been there.

note: one of our players, Kielle, passed away on september the twenty second, 2005. She made many friends in this game and they miss her very much.

Anyone not mentioned above was not left out as a slight, but just as a failing of human memory. You may feel free to comment to the maintainer's journal to fix this, if you can think of anything missing.

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