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Your attention please.

My mun despises the person in my icons.

She is looking for suggestions for someone else. Apparently Aaron Carter was only chosen because he was the right age. Oi.

Random fact: Emily has over fifty sockpuppets, and uses a spreadsheet to remember who they all are!
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Christian Coulson.
Young Ioan Gruffudd.
Young Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Chris Thile.

I am running out of ideas.
Tell me more about who these people are, o wise one?
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is LINDIR!!!AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH *falls over*
ahahahaha he is? guess whose mun hasn't been keeping up with MESPT.

Christian Coulson played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He also is in The Forsyte Saga and the upcoming Horatio Hornblower series, which coincidentally star Ioan Gruffudd.

Ioan Gruffudd was man!nini when she was male; he was also in Titanic, Horatio Hornblower, 102 Dalmatians, Solomon and Gaenor (with woman!nini Nia Roberts), (How to Make) Love in the 21st Century, and Black Hawk Down, among many others. My mun thinks he is hot. There are also lots of younger pictures of him on the site above. Oh, and he is Welsh! And a native speaker!

Philip Seymour Hoffman is already Lindir, I guess, but he has been in two movies with Edward Norton. Ehehe.

Chris Thile is considered by many to be the best mandolin player in the world. He is also a lead singer for the band Nickel Creek.

What age are you looking for?

JTT comes to mind.
ahaha am trying to move awaaay from teenyboppery things.

HAHAHA!!! Ain't it great? Words from Wanda Sykes, comedienne, concept by me, design and production by Kielle.

Um, okay, to clarify, you don't want him to be a teen anymore or you don't want him to be one of the teens all the girlies (and some boys) go all dreamy-eyed over?

If your thinking teen still...Cory Feldman, maybe?

LOL or Scott Baio!! Dos Rondos would adopt him.
The latter. Nobody that would result in squealing Teenies becoming fangirls.

And of course, I am media-illiterate, so I don't know anything about who any of them are within the last five years, haha!


15 years ago

We so totally would!! HE IS SO DREEEEEEEAMY!!! OMG!!
mmmm jonathan brandis


::licks seaquest::

Or or or... colin farrell. mmmmmm ::liiiiiiiiiiiiiiick::


or prehaps stephan dorff ::uberlick::


*liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks Colin Farrell because he was the only thing I liked about Minority Report*
The Stephan Dorff thing is pretty.


15 years ago

I protest.
You want me to stay AaronCarterIsh?


15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago